Shopping for shoes should be as simple as a click of a button—and our new technology has made that possible. Here at Purcado, our mission was to create a simple online shopping experience designed to deliver you, our customer, the best price instantly.

We’ve accomplished just that. Purcado shoppers save, on average, 25% off MSRP—and many who have used our price comparison tool have saved up to 70% off brand name styles.

With one search, you can find and compare prices on thousands of shoe styles instantly. No more hopping from store to store in the mall to find the best price on sneakers or heels.

Now, we just need a little help. Want to assist others in finding awesome deals on shoes? Join us—we’re looking for influencers, bloggers, event managers and major retailers that want to work with Purcado!

Are You An Influencer? Here’s How You Can Partner With Us

We’re looking for partners—just like you!—to help promote the Purcado brand and the new technology surrounding our price comparison tool. If you love innovation, creative marketing techniques and have a passion for fashion, you’ll be an ideal fit.

By promoting our brand on your personal blog or Instagram account, you can show off your personal style and be ahead of the next trend in online shopping. When you partner with Purcado, you get a few perks. Sure, you’re helping friends, family and followers find the best deal and lowest price on shoes every single day—but it’s more than that. You’re helping to propel a new way of shopping. You’re starting a revolution.

In addition to being a trendsetter, Purcado’s current following can also deliver high quality traffic to your site, too. When our loyal customers navigate from Purcado, they’ll want to be engaged on your site. Direct links to your website, blog or social media profile from Purcado can save you expensive clicks—like the kind you may incur from other advertising platforms. At Purcado, we believe in teamwork. We want to work with you in a true partnership—so our partnership model will allow you to reach a broader audience at no additional cost.

Are You A Retailer? Here’s How You Can Partner With Us

At Purcado, we’re proud to feature a number of top retailers through our affiliate marketing efforts. You can see a full list of our affiliate partners here. However, we are always looking to partner with any new and reputable online retailers—this way our customers are receiving the most accurate price results by being able to compare as many retailers as possible.

As a retailer, you’ll benefit from having your product selections on Purcado. Why’s that? Because of our reach to shoppers, we can deliver high quality traffic to your site, too. When our loyal customers navigate from Purcado, they head to your site with the intent to purchase something from you. Working with us means you’ll be able to cut through the noise and stand out among the crowd. We try to be a brand advocate for all of our retailers. Shoppers trust Purcado to give them the best deal possible; and when you work with us, they’ll trust you too.

Please contact us at to find out how to partner!