This Website Is Basically the Marie Kondo of Online Shoe Shopping

This Website Is Basically the Marie Kondo of Online Shoe Shopping

Check your inbox. How many store emails are you subscribed to right now? Currently, I’m subscribed to 273 email newsletters. From outlet deals to couponing sites, it’s safe to say my Gmail ‘Promotions’ tab is overflowing. And don’t get me started on how many retail websites I visit before I make a purchase (hint: it’s too many to count).

With so many avenues to shop and so many price points to decide on, I’ve fallen prey to information overload. There are simply too many options, too many stores, too many prices, too many return policies—how could anyone ever possibly make a decision?

Then, I found the ultimate website that basically Marie Kondo-ed the Internet (more specifically the world of online shoe shopping) for me.

Purcado Helped Online Shopping Spark Joy For Me Again. Here’s How.

Enter Purcado—the most comprehensive shoe price comparison tool on the web. Here’s how it organized my shopping experience and helped me find the shoes I wanted fast (and at a price I could actually afford!).

Attacks the clutter for you.

We live in a world of online clutter. Daily, we battle marketplaces that claim to make our shopping experiences easier—but actually, they overload us with choices and hammer our inboxes with “daily deals” that aren’t so great. Frankly, it’s exhausting.

Purcado cuts through the noise. By organizing shoe data from over 60 stores and running your search through its sophisticated algorithm, the site helps you find the best price on exactly what you want. Search once—just once!—to see what stores across the web have your shoe size and style in stock. Prices are ranked lowest to highest price, so you’ll be able to do a quick comparison of the best deal without hopping all over the Internet.

Categorizes the retailers by the exact shoe.

Step number four in Marie Kondo’s method is to tidy by category, not location. Retail sites “tidy” their inventories by offering sections for men, women, and kids. Or, they seclude deals in a section titled ‘clearance’.

Purcado goes a step further helping you find the best price on shoes regardless of location. You can find the same shoe in many, many retail locations (in-store and across the web at so many reputable sites). Using its innovative search technology, Purcado shows you all of the data across the web for one particular shoe. By neatly organizing the shoe’s data into one category, you can make an informed shopping decision before you buy.

Filters listings to ensure every search sparks joy.

With every search on Purcado, you’re sure to find a shoe that sparks joy—who doesn’t love finding a sale? Instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the online clutter, Purcado’s neat, organized listings and its easy-to-use search engine will create in you a sense of peace.

Purcado’s algorithm works hard to deliver you the results you want but to simplify your search further, you can filter by gender, size, color, brand, and price to get more personalized results.

Take a second to review the item. Decide if it sparks joy, then tap ‘Get It Now’. No more clutter. No more frustration. Just savings and joy. We think Marie would be proud.

Purcado: We’ve Marie Kondo-ed Online Shoe Shopping

Most people know about Marie Kondo from her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and her latest Netflix Original, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She has a track record of turning hoarders into organizers. And, suddenly, everyone in America wants to live orderly.

Marie Kondo made it her mission to tidy up and organize homes across the world. At Purcado, we’ve made it our mission to organize the mess that was shoe shopping on the Internet. Online shopping shouldn’t be so frustrating. Finding the best price on the shoes you want in your size should be simple. Search today—we’re sure you’ll find a price that sparks joy!