Month: October 2018

7 Wide Width Boots We Swear You’ll Love

You desire a closet full of cute mules, dainty ballet flats, and seasonally appropriate booties—but when you start a search for wide shoes, you’re often presented with a list of ugly orthopedic styles. But not here—we’ve tracked down 7 wide width boots for women in the most popular styles of the season.

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Think You’re Dehydrated? Here’s How To Rehydrate Fast

Doctors recommend that the average person drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Feel like you’re dehydrated? Here’s how to rehydrate fast—especially if you’re a runner or super active!

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Nike Cross Trainers: How & Where To Find Them On Sale | Purcado

Nike Cross Trainers For Men: What To Buy & Where To Find Them On Sale

Looking for a pair of Nike cross trainers? Here is a list of men’s Crossfit shoes (all made by Nike) that are worth the money—plus, we help guide you to some pretty deep discounts.

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Shoe Selfie: How To Pose For Instagram In Your New Kicks | Purcado

How To Pose For Instagram In Your New Shoes

Want to master the art of the Instagram shoe selfie? Here’s how to pose in your new kicks to make sure your post gets a lot of love.

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Running vs. Walking Shoes: Why You Need To Invest in Both

Running vs. walking shoes is a big debate. Walking and running seem similar—but when it comes to footwear, you need to invest in a pair of shoes for each activity. Here’s why.

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