Month: August 2018

Why Do My Feet Hurt? | Purcado

Why Do My Feet Hurt? These Highly-Searched Terms May Be The Answer

It’s 2018. You seek out the internet for just about any question—especially when it comes to bodily ailments. Alexa, why do my knees hurt when I run? Why do my feet hurt? Why do I suddenly have pain in my foot arch? Are shin splints bad? Is muscle tension a sign of anxiety? You’ve got […]

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Gym Workout Plan | Purcado

How To Stick To Your Gym Workout Plan

Working out is hard. Sticking to a gym workout plan is even harder. There are so many excuses to not exercise. You’re “just too tired”. You had a long day at the office and sitting on the couch is well deserved. You “worked out yesterday”. You’re just “too busy”. Getting up in the morning to […]

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How To Save On The Athleisure Brands You Love | Purcado

How To Save On The Athleisure Brands You Love

For the past several years, athleisure has been the trend to love. Joggers, oversized tees, and sneakers have welded the worlds of fashion and comfort together. And, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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How To Break In Running Shoes | Running Shoes For Less | Purcado

How To Break In Your New Running Shoes

When you run through your favorite pair of running shoes, replacing them is a necessary evil. Worn down running shoes won’t give you the performance you crave. And, while you’re not excited about the toe blisters and foot pain you’re going to experience with your new pair, you know it’ll be worth it in the […]

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Top 10 Weightlifting Shoes (Plus, Deadlift Socks To Shop Now!)

Looking for the best weightlifting shoes of 2018? We’ve tracked down the top brand names in weightlifting to bring you a list of the absolute best to invest in—for men and women! Read on to learn more (and shop great deals now!). Top 10 Weightlifting Shoes of 2018—For Men & Women Shopping for weightlifting shoes […]

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What Makes A Good Running Shoe | Running Style | Pronation | Purcado

What Makes a Good Running Shoe? Depends On Your Running Style

How one defines what is “good” varies from person to person…especially when it comes to footwear. Finding the right pair of running shoes can be a challenge. Thankfully, we’re here to help you answer the question: what makes a good running shoe? What Makes a Good Running Shoe? What makes a good running shoe? That […]

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At Home Workouts For Beginners | Athletic Shoe Deals | Purcado

5 Most Effective At Home Workouts For Beginners

Working out at the gym can be a bit intimidating.  If you’re just getting back to the grind or you’ve never been much for fitness, you just might need a place to start. Looking to get into a regular workout routine? Start at home—here are 5 of the most effective at home workouts for beginners! […]

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