Month: July 2018

How To Clean Sneakers | DIY Sneaker Hacks | Purcado

How To Clean Your Sneakers & Make Them Look Brand New

You’ve got an old pair of sneakers. Whether you’ve worn out your Vans, not-so-white Converse, or your favorite pair of Jordans, you’re not quite ready to give up on them. Some scuffs and stains might seem to be past the point of no return—but with these sneaker hacks, you’re sure to have new-looking shoes in […]

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Nike Crossfit Shoes | NoBull CrossFit Shoes | Purcado

Nike Crossfit Shoes: Best Pairs of 2018 & What To Buy Next

As a challenging and exciting way to improve your overall agility and strength, Crossfit dominates the fitness world. It’s is more than just a workout. For some, it’s a lifestyle. And, if you’re so in love with CrossFit, you’re going to need the best shoes for optimal performance. While we’ve covered the best shoes for […]

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Prevent Shoe Blisters | How-To Guide | Purcado

How to Prevent Your New Shoes from Giving You Blisters

When acclimating to a new pair of shoes, blisters are not uncommon. Whether it’s a new pair of running shoes or a pretty pair of work flats, blisters on your feet and toes are the worst. Painful (and a little gross!), blisters can make it harder to get out and get active. For once, you’d […]

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Cross Country Running Shoes | Best Shoes | Purcado

Looking to Shop Cross Country Running Shoes For Less? Here’s How

High school sports can get expensive for parents and students alike—even cross-country running. You’ve got to have the gear to participate…and if you want to be the best (and you do because you’re a competitive runner!) then you’ve got to have the best cross country running shoes. If you’re struggling to find quality cross country […]

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Back To School Shop | College Shopping | Purcado

Shopping For Back To School? Here’s Where To Get The Best Deals

When it’s time to shop back to school essentials, it’s easy to stress out—especially if you have more than one child. Scouring your local back to school shop to gather that long list of school supplies can get expensive faster than you ever dreamed. Looking to save? From our research, here are 4 retailers with […]

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What's In A Gym Bag | Women's Gym Bag Essentials | Purcado

What’s in A Gym Bag? Ladies, Here Are 8 Workout Essentials to Include

Feel like you’re lifting weights before going to the gym? When juggling your laptop and morning coffee (as you do most days!), an overstuffed gym bag only makes matters worse. A well-edited gym bag, however, is essential to prepping for any post-exercise outing—like a dinner date or drinks with the girls. Here, we’ll tell you […]

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Amazon Prime Day | Purcado | Best Shoe Deals

Amazon Prime Day: Best Athletic Shoe Deals To Shop Now

Ah, Amazon Prime Day. Some have likened it to Cyber Monday or even Black Friday. Others say it’s a beast of its own. Us? We say this is the ultimate day to shop the best shoe deals (especially if you’re looking for a great price, plus fast and free shipping!). While not all of their […]

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7 Health Statistics That Matter—And When You Should Check Them

You know about measuring your resting heart rate, counting calories, and tracking your steps. We’re told that health statistics are so important—and in the age of new technology, our fitness gear and tech devices do all of the tracking and monitoring of our body’s health and wellness for us. But, how is one supposed to […]

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How To Stay Fit | Vacation Fitness | Purcado

How To Keep Up Your Fitness While On Vacation

Everyone knows that exercise is important for your health. To stay fit, you need to workout daily…right? It’s a little more complicated than that. In order to stay fit, you’ve got to workout often—but taking a break from routine workouts can actually do your body some good. We’re here to tell you how to stay […]

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9 Comfort Sandals For Women That Are Surprisingly Really Cute

When you think of the term ‘comfort sandals’ you’re probably picturing some pretty outlandish styles. Clunky soles. The word ‘comfort’ scrawled across the inside. Oh, the horror. Your grandmother wears comfort sandals…not you, right? Wrong. Comfortable sandals don’t have to be dated. Even better? Comfortable sandals can be really cute. Here, we’ve included our favorite […]

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