Are Your Shoes The Wrong Size? Here’s How to Find Out

Are Your Shoes The Wrong Size? Here’s How to Find Out

Questioning whether or not you know how to measure shoe size? How do you even know that you’re wearing the wrong size shoes in the first place? It could be that you notice your running shoes are uncomfortable after a brisk jog. Maybe your ballet flats keep pinching your heels at the office. Whether you’re rocking a pair of hand-me-down dress shoes or a new pair of Asics, you could be wearing the wrong size. If so, we can help. We’re here to teach you how to measure shoe size so you can be certain you’re wearing the right size shoes for your feet.

How to Measure Shoe Size: For Men & Women

Want to learn how to measure shoe size? Here’s our step-by-step process—plus we’ve provided sizing charts for men and women.

How to Measure Shoe Size | Wrong Size Running Shoes | Purcado

Measure the length of your foot. To measure shoe size, you’ll first want to stand. If the shoe requires a sock, wear the sock during the measuring process. Measure your foot from the back to the front past your longest toe.

How to Measure Shoe Size | Wrong Size Running Shoes | Purcado

Don’t forget about width and height. Keep in mind that your foot is three-dimensional. A two-dimensional measuring tool, like a ruler, will only give you an approximate measurement of your shoe size. You need to make sure you’re also measuring width and height. By doing so, you can compare these numbers with each individual shoe you plan to purchase online.

How to Measure Shoe Size | Wrong Size Running Shoes | Purcado

Convert your measurements to a size. Using one of the charts below, identify your measurement in inches or centimeters and follow it to the corresponding shoe size.

Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US SizesEuro SizesUK SizesInchesCM

Men’s Shoe Size Chart: 

US SizesEuro SizesUK SizesInchesCM

Keep in mind, brand manufacturers use various materials, some not quite as forgiving as others, when designing shoe styles—so fit can vary by brand.

How To Measure Shoe Size When Shopping European-Sized Shoe Brands

If you are based in the U.S. and start shopping for European shoe brands online, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed at what size to choose. Shoe sizing in European countries varies from shoe sizes in the United States. Luckily, when shopping for European shoe brands you can apply the same techniques as when you learned how to measure shoe size in the U.S.

With European brands, you will find that adult sizes are listed from 35 to 49. Remember, just like U.S. shoe sizes, European shoe sizes are not a direct correlation to the centimeters of the length of your foot. Simply measure your foot the same way you would for a U.S. size shoe. You can use the shoe size charts above to determine your European shoe size in comparison to your U.S. shoe size or length of your feet. 

Don’t have the chart handy? No worries. As a general rule, you can convert U.S. shoe size to European shoe size using the following formula: for men, add 33 to your U.S. shoe size to get your European size. For women, add 31 to your U.S. shoe size to get your European size.

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