Ladies, Here Are 6 Tips on How To Look Put Together Without Even Trying

Ladies, Here Are 6 Tips on How To Look Put Together Without Even Trying

Whether you’re a mom with limited time or an overworked post-grad with zero energy, you know that getting ready in the morning can be tough. Putting together an outfit that’s stylish and poised isn’t an easy task. Trends these days are super casual. Wearing sneakers to work isn’t uncommon, and athleisure has likely taken over a majority of your closet space. While these lazy looks are cool, they don’t really scream “I’m put together.”

Sure, you love them for the weekend, but what about Monday through Friday? Slipping on the closest pair of sneakers and throwing your hair in a top knot won’t always give you the confidence you need. But putting on a full face of makeup and picking out a coordinated outfit? Likely, not gonna happen.

So, we’re here to help. If you’ve ever stressed over how to look put together without exerting too much energy, this piece is for you. Here are six tried-and-true tactics for looking put together without even trying.

1. Start with the basics.

To create a put together look you’ll want to start simple. Pick a base article of clothing—a black dress, a pair of dark jeans, a solid colored top or a fitted pair of dress pants. No wild patterns or trendy looks here. Stick with basic neutrals for a poised start on how to look put together.

2. Avoid baggy pieces.

Oversized tee shirts and sweaters were “in”—but it’s not 2016 anymore. Baggy clothing gives off an “I don’t care” vibe, and if not pulled off correctly, you can look more disheveled than cool. Invest in a few tailored pieces, like button-up tops and silks. The tee shirt look is still cool, just make sure you’re purchasing a fitted size.

3. Layer up.

Layering your outfit creates a sophisticated feel without having to put much thought into it. Layers create depth—and they make people think you took quite a bit of time coordinating the pieces. The truth? Just throw a colored cardigan over your shoulders or add a blazer for an immediate style update.

4. Add details.

If you’re really trying to up the ante, add pieces to your wardrobe with delicate details. Small ruffles, scalloped edges, and intricate sleeves are just a few choices you can make. Details create dimension without making you overthink. Want to keep your clothing simple? Dress up your casual attire with fun, statement jewelry.

5. Choose a pop of color.

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Choose one pop of color to accent your neutral base. In this category, don’t be afraid to experiment a little. There is something about color that can make you feel confident—and confidence is half of the battle to looking put together. A colored handbag or pair of statement earrings can really tie together an otherwise neutral-toned outfit. 

6. Wear the right shoes.

Not big on adding bright hues to your wardrobe? Choose heels (or flats!) instead. Heels give you a confidence level like nothing else can—but only if you can walk in them. Be careful not to invest in something you can’t walk in with ease. Wear shoes of the right height and the right size—an improper fit makes it really hard for you to feel good about your style. Opt for block heels, or something two-three inches high, for easy strides.

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