Weekend Outfit Inspiration: 8 Ways to Wear Over-The-Knee Boots

Weekend Outfit Inspiration: 8 Ways to Wear Over-The-Knee Boots

It’s almost the weekend—and you know what that means. For a few days, you can shed your office wardrobe and get creative with your style.

And we’re here to give you a little weekend outfit inspiration. With the weather still snowy and cold in most areas, you’re definitely going to want to bundle up…and that means over-the-knee styles!

But many have asked: how do you wear them? We’ve tracked down 8 bloggers who have effortlessly styled thigh-high boots—so get inspired and spice up your weekend, gals.

Wear them with a long peacoat.

We love this look because it’s perfect for a cold winter day—and because Rachel Martino is killing it in this millennial pink peacoat. Pair any statement colored peacoat with leggings, a sweater and over-the-knee boots for this year’s ultimate winter outfit.

Wear them with a button front skirt.

Button front skirts were in this fall—and they don’t seem to be on their way out. If the weather warms up where you are this weekend, why not pair your over-the-knee boots with a button skirt and hit the town?

Pair them with a sweater dress.

Sweater dresses are classic. But if you want to make it trendy (and stylish for your next Instagram post!) pair your dress with over-the-knee boots. You’ll love how soft the sweater material feels and your legs won’t get cold in the winter wind. All around a win-win.

Wear them with light denim.

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We adore this ensemble for a casual Saturday. It’s the perfect look for running errands, heading to the mall with friends or going to lunch with the family. Effortlessly stylish, if you will.

Pair them with a dress and scarf.

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Brighten up your over-the-knee boots with a nice dress and a fun, statement scarf. Nothing says “I’m ready for the weekend” quite like patterned accessories—and scarves are a must-have in January.

Wear them with dark denim.

Darker denim is a fashion choice—some people just prefer it to lighter fabric—but it’s still ideal for your mid-morning errands. And the best part? You can dress darker denim up at night by adding simple accessories. No wardrobe change necessary. And when paired with over-the-knee boots, you’ll look and feel great.

Wear them with a leather (or pleather!) skirt.

This look is for serious fans of the over-the-knee style. You’re not new to the look, and you know you love it. Perfect for a night out with the girls—and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Match them to your sweater.

For a low-key look, pair your boots to your sweater or sweater dress and add statement accessories. This way, you can draw attention away from the boots and onto something more subtle like statement earrings or a handbag. Modest is hottest anyway, right?

As you can see, there are an abundance of ways to wear over-the-knee styles. No matter your weekend plans, you can find a thigh-high look that works for you. Heading to the mall? Throw them over a pair of jeans. Going to brunch with the girls? A nice dress and scarf is perfect. Going out for the night? Go for the leather skirt—it’s a perfect night look!

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