Month: November 2017

#GivingTuesday: Purcado’s 31 Days of Kindness

Kindness is something we should always attempt, but it just seems more amplified during the holiday season. The desire to spread goodwill and cheer abounds, but oftentimes it can be difficult to reconcile the intention with the action. We want to do good, but with all of the December stress and distractions, we don’t always get around […]

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Want to Win at Office Secret Santa? Here Are 14 Gifts Under $25

This year, the office decided to play a game of Secret Santa…and you were beyond thrilled. Then, you drew a name out of a hat and somehow ended up with Bill from Accounting. You’ve met once (maybe?), so finding anything he’ll like is going to be a struggle. Not your situation? Well, you’re on the […]

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Here Are 18 Shoe Deals to Shop This Cyber Monday—AKA Right Now

Cyber Monday is HERE…and while most of us are racing to Amazon for the season’s hottest electronics (like the Amazon Echo Dot that’s only $29!), the fashion-conscious shopper should be thrilled to discover there are deals made just for them. Top retailers, like Nordstrom, Macy’s and more are competing to offer you the absolute lowest […]

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6 Ways to Win Big and Get the Best Deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

You hate long lines. You don’t like the uncertainty that comes with shopping brick and mortar stores on Black Friday…so you’ve decided to shop online. Or, you successfully avoided standing in the cold on Black Friday. You didn’t have to fight anyone for a hundred dollar TV or the latest iPhone—and you feel truly #blessed. […]

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5 Simple Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

For many, Thanksgiving evokes images of giant turkeys, tables overflowing with food and their family gathered around the table to say grace. You laugh. You cry. You catch up with long-distance cousins. You hug Grandma Deb a thousand times because she can’t believe how big you’ve grown. You don’t think much about how special it […]

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4 Thanksgiving Outfits That Say “Yes, I’ll Have Another Piece of Pie”

Okay, so you’ve decided to ignore our advice on how to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, you’ve decided to treat yo’self—which is totally fine, you do you! But, now you have another dilemma: what do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner when you’re planning to eat your weight in turkey, stuffing and pie? It’s a […]

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Want to Avoid Overeating at Thanksgiving Dinner? Here’s How

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude. It’s a reminder to be thankful for the little things (and the big things!) in our lives—like family, friendship, love and food on the table. But we often take the last one a little too seriously, especially during the holidays.  Read more

How to Deal With Holiday Stress & Avoid Year-End Work Burnout

Ah, the holidays are here and while that’s supposed to mean a celebration of thankfulness, it’s quite often the opposite. Year-end work tasks are looming in the distance. You’re scrambling to get a gift for Jim in Accounting for office holiday party (you’ve met Jim once, but it’s Secret Santa…think he’ll like this mug?). Oh, […]

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Shopping for Holiday? Here Are 6 Clever Apps To Help You Save Money

Shopping for holiday gifts and presents for the family? Our Social Media Manager, Dani, has some tips + tricks to help you save money this holiday season. The holidays have arrived, and my bank account is stressing out. I’m a newly single mom, starting a new life which includes a new residence, new preschool, new bills […]

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10 Under $10: Stocking Stuffers for the Millennial Girl on Your List

Big presents are great—but ah, stocking stuffers. From coffee mugs to darling beauty accessories, these affordable finds can help you win big during the holidays. But, you want to make sure you’re not mailing it in—even though you’re not spending a lot  ($10 or less!), you can still make this small gesture of kindness super […]

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