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Blush Heels Are The Newest Wedding Trend You’ll Want to Hop On

When you think about what you’ll wear on your big day, you probably imagine a lot of white. White dress. White pearls. White veil. White shoes? Not necessarily. What would you say if we told you that blush heels are the latest wedding shoe trend? It’s true. In 2018, the newest trend in wedding fashion […]

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What To Wear To A Pool Party This Summer

Wondering what to wear to a pool party? Don’t fret! Whether you’re looking to impress your stylish friends, need recommendations for the best men’s sandals, or you want to dress your kids in slip-proof slides, we’ve got the answers you need. What To Wear To A Pool Party This Summer Dressing for the pool? That’s […]

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Travel Sandals: We’ve Tracked Down The Best For 2018

Packing for summer travels can bring on some serious stress. You’ve got to make sure you have all of the essentials—including cute outfits! You might quickly find yourself in a bit of a predicament. Cute or comfortable travel sandals? What do you choose? You could choose those cute-as-a-button sandals (the ones that’ll definitely cause blisters!) […]

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How to Clean White Vans (And Keep Them Clean!) | Purcado

We’ve Got The Secret To Keeping Your White Vans Clean

White canvas Vans collect dirt and grime like no other. Looking to spruce up your shoes? Here’s how to clean white Vans (and keep them clean!)

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How to Transition Your Closet From College to Adulthood

Having just woken up moments ago, I stand sleepily in front of my closet. Bright pinks, colorful patterns and small tees embroidered with sorority letters stare back at me. “I have nothing to wear,” I think to myself as I file through the seemingly endless collection. Packed to the brim with dresses, skirts, denim, sweaters, and […]

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Women’s Fashion: The Best Travel Shoes for Air Travel

Finding the best travel shoes can sometimes feel impossible. You’re running late for your flight, and with only a tiny window of time to make it through security, you’re tapping your toe, checking your watch, and wishing the family of eight in front of you would have coordinated a bit better. They’re all fumbling with […]

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