The Secret Online Shopping Trend That Customers Love (Retailers, Too)

Aggregators take the gold for saving consumers time and money, but they also serve an important role as market curators”. While online shopping has become the norm, it’s not always easy to navigate; and knowing which retailers are safe to purchase from can sometimes be a hassle. Purcado has begun to simplify the e-commerce experience and ease confusion when shopping online. As an aggregator, Purcado specializes in pulling data from multiple retailers and presenting it in a clear, clean, and concise way to make your shopping experience less time-consuming and more enjoyable. Read more on Forbes to learn how Purcado is changing the way you shop.

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New Site Makes It Easy to Comparison Shop for the Best Shoe Deals in One Simple Search

Featured on Footwear News, Purcado is described as the site that “makes it easy to comparison shop for the best shoe deals in one simple search”. Highlighting our ease of use and our curation of retailers, Purcado is praised for being the next big thing in search engine technology. Read more on Footwear News.

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Purcado Launches as Price-Comparison Site for Footwear

Also Featured on Apparel, Purcado is described as “a comparison shopping website that helps users find the best prices during their footwear search.” Highlighting the awesome savings our customers have seen, Apparel points out that some of the products have savings of up to 70% in a single listing. Read more about how Purcado works on Apparel.

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Our Smart Tech Tip for Finding Designer Shoes at a Great Price

Framed as the best place to find designer shoes (and kid’s shoes!) at a great price, Purcado is named the “Kayak for shoes” by the ladies at Cool Mom Tech. If you’re a mom with a less than robust budget for designer footwear, Purcado is for you. Read more about us on Cool Mom Tech and learn how you can score some pretty great deals on shoes for your whole family.

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