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Not Using Purcado? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out

Think about this: how many pairs of shoes do you go through in a year? Even if you’re not a fashionista or an Olympic athlete, it’s probably a few pairs—at least. Trends change. You wear through sneakers at gym. Your sandals fall apart. You get it—shoes are the one item we wear and tear without […]

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Spend Too Much During The Holidays? Here Are 6 Ways to Save in 2018

Did you go over on your Christmas budget this year? You’re not alone. According to the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, surveyed consumers said they planned to spend an average $967 during the 2017 holiday season. In the United States, the 2016 nominal median income per capita was only $31,099. Meaning, for […]

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Want to Make Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Easy? Meet Purcado

Last-minute shopping around the holidays is a nightmare. Whether you’re shopping for gifts or hunting for a pair of shoes to wear to the office Christmas party, frustration is inevitable. The stores you love never have your size in stock this time of year. Fighting through the crowded mall is discouraging, at best. And, if you have kids (or a significant other!), dragging them out to shop is never as fun as you’d imagine. Read more

#GivingTuesday: Purcado’s 31 Days of Kindness

Kindness is something we should certainly attempt throughout the year, but it just seems more amplified during the Christmas season. The desire to spread goodwill and cheer abounds, but oftentimes it can be difficult to reconcile the intention with the action. We *want* to do good, but this season can be so stressful and distracting […]

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6 Clever Apps & Websites To Save You Money On Your Holiday Shopping

The holidays have arrived, and my bank account is stressing out. I’m a newly single mom, starting a new life which includes a new residence, new preschool, new bills and even a new car—but, also, a new budget. If there are ways to save this holiday season, I want to take that route. But if […]

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8 Retailers That Always Offer Free Shipping With No Minimum

Have you ever found a great deal online, only to make it to check out and discover an $8 shipping fee? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Suddenly, the “great” deal you were excited about doesn’t feel so spectacular anymore. A thousand thoughts run through your head, but the one that stands out is shouting: don’t […]

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Search Once and Save: How Purcado Is Changing the Online Shopping Game

Since its inception in 1994, online shopping has repetitively rocked the world of consumers everywhere. It has banished the physical need to ‘go shopping’. And, as technology has progressed, it’s created new, innovative benefits for every type of shopper. Today, we look at shopping in a new light. We now add our shopping lists to […]

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