Ask a Fitness Influencer: What’s Your Go-To Workout Sneaker?

Ask a Fitness Influencer: What’s Your Go-To Workout Sneaker?

Having the right gear? That’s half the battle of working out, no? Improving motivation and performance could be as easy as investing in a sweat-wicking sports bra or a new pair of sneakers. Why? It could be improved technology…or it could be a simple fact that your new shoes made you more comfortable during your last jog.

14 Fitness Influencers on Their Go-To Workout Shoe

We wanted to get to the bottom of what makes the perfect running shoe. Is it the technology? Is it the brand? Does style, performance, or comfort matter more? Is it just personal preference? So, we asked 14 women’s lifestyle and fitness bloggers to weigh in—they shared their go-to workout shoes (and why they don’t run or train in anything else!).

1. @romybel.erickson | Nike Zoom Fly


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A post shared by ROMY~Fat Loss & Wellness Coach (@romybel.erickson) on

“Recently, I purchased the Nike Zoom Fly for running and I love them. These sneakers are very lightweight and provide a great amount of cushioning to make running a lot more comfortable. [For a normal workout], I implement short runs and sprint work to complement my weight training routine. For training, I’m always looking for a versatile shoe…my favorite pair is the Reebok Nano 6.0.”

You can follow Romy on Instagram at @romybel.erickson

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2. @maddie.munches.on.plants | New Balance Fresh Foam Zante


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A post shared by maddie | vegan teen (@maddie.munches.on.plants) on

“I workout in New Balance Fresh Foam Zante. They are the perfect balance between having enough support and being very lightweight!” 

You can follow Maddie on Instagram at @maddie.munches.on.plants.

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3. @trainerlindsay | Asics GT 2000


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A post shared by Lindsay B.📍Nashville Trainer (@trainerlindsay) on

“I like to run in Asics GT 2000 or the Gel Nimbus. Both have given me the best support and stability of any running shoe I’ve owned—and they are comfortable. Because of the stability they provide, they’re great for longer runs and weight workouts. For sprints or shorter interval runs, I will wear my Nike Free RN Flyknits.” 

You can follow Lindsay on Instagram at @trainerlindsay.

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4. @christilynnfit | Nike Flex Experience RN


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A post shared by Christi Lynn || NASM CPT (@christilynnfit) on

“My absolute favorite running shoes are the Nike Flex RN because they last. I rarely shop for new sneakers—and still rotate my older running shoes from 2014-2015.”

You can follow Christi Lynn on Instagram at @christilynnfit.

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5. @caitsplate | Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35


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A post shared by cait || cait’s plate (@caitsplate) on

“My favorite running shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 because they’re lightweight but still supportive. They can stand a lot of mileage and they’re super comfortable and breathable. I tend to go back and forth between Nike and Brooks as my go-to brands, but I’m loyal to those two brands out of any others.”

You can follow Cait on Instagram at @caitsplate

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6. @caralinastyle | Nike Roshe


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A post shared by Cara | Caralina Style (@caralinastyle) on

“I’ll try something new if I like the look and know they’ll be supportive for jumping around during a HIIT workout. But my favorite is the Nike Roshe. I’ve had Achilles tendinitis from classical ballet training when I was younger, and these are light but still supportive enough for keeping those flare-ups away.

You can follow Cara on Instagram at @caralinastyle.

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7. @carolinebiddlefit | New Balance 247


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A post shared by Caroline Biddle — Online Coach (@carolinebiddlefit) on

“I workout and run in New Balance 247’s because they are so comfortable and cute. If I am squatting or hitting legs, I workout in Converse for proper leverage.”

You can follow Caroline on Instagram at @carolinebiddlefit.

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8. @shelbss44 | Adidas Alphabounce


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A post shared by Shelby Hicks ॐ (@shelbss44) on

“Right now I’m working out in Adidas Alphabounce—they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, even though they’re a little bulky. I played college soccer and we were sponsored by Nike, so I used to be Nike all the way. This is my first pair of Adidas and I love them.”

You can follow Shelby on Instagram at @shelbss44.

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9. @_haleyhendelfitness | Nike Free RN


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A post shared by Haley Hendel (@_haleyhendelfitness) on

“My favorite workout shoes right now are my Nike Free RNs! I love how lightweight they are—it makes it easier for me to be quick on my feet. They are extremely comfortable for HIIT and light weightlifting. I don’t always shop the same brand, though. In addition to Nike, I also love Adidas and New Balance.”

You can follow Haley on Instagram at @_haleyhendelfitness.

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10. @trainwithcece | Brooks Launch 6


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A post shared by 🌸CECE – PERSONAL TRAINER🌸 (@trainwithcece) on

“My gym experience is pretty well rounded so it requires different shoes for different activities. For running, I am a Brooks girl hands down. My most recent pair? The Brooks Launch 6. Running in any other brand gives me shin splints—but these provide the right support where I need it. When lifting, I love Adidas, Nike, or Converse. My favorite Nike is the Epic React Flyknit.”

You can follow Cece on Instagram at @trainwithcece.

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11. @laur_jeff | Puma Tazon 6


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A post shared by Lauren Jefferson | IIFYM (@laur_jeff) on

“At the moment, my favorite workout shoes are my pink and black Pumas. I workout in the Puma Tazon 6. They’ve got a ‘soft-foam’ insert which is super comfy for long gym sessions and, also, for my outdoor walks. They’re versatile and look amazing with pretty much any of my gym outfits. I almost always shop Puma—they have the best quality and style for the price point.”

You can follow Lauren on Instagram at @laur_jeff.

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12. @ggfit59 | Brooks Glycerin


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A post shared by Gigi Gregory (@ggfit59) on

“I have a very narrow foot and high arches—and the Brooks narrow sizes are the perfect, comfortable fit for me. I have others that I like too—New Balance and Asics. Most New Balance and Asics have narrow sizes too. I find Asics can be too cushioned, but the Brooks Glycerin running shoes have just the right heel height and arch support.”

You can follow GiGi on Instagram at @ggfit59.

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13. | Adidas Pure Boost


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A post shared by M O R G A N B U T L E R ⚡️ ( on

“When I workout with shoes, my go-to is the Adidas Pure Boost. I love them because I feel like they adapt to my natural foot movement better than their competitors. I shop whatever brands support natural foot movement because I find it’s best to work out with no shoes.”

You can follow Morgan on Instagram at

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14. @hungry.runner | Hoka One One Clifton

My favorite training shoes are the Hoka One One Clifton’s and my favorite racing spikes are the Saucony Endorphins—I almost always race in these!” 

You can follow Hannah on Instagram at @hungry.runner.

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