6 Fat-Burning Workouts For People Who Hate Cardio

6 Fat-Burning Workouts For People Who Hate Cardio

Do you loathe cardio? Want to feel healthy…without having to hit the treadmill? Cardio workouts help to develop your cardiovascular system, your heart, and your lung capacity. Unfortunately for you, one of the most effective fat-burning workouts is running.  

But, running is not always the cardiac activity of choice. Thankfully, there are various fat-burning workouts you can choose as an alternative to running.

Fat-Burning Workouts: These Are The Top Alternatives to Running

Running isn’t for everyone. If endurance isn’t your strength, focus on these fat-burning workouts that will increase your heart rate without making you feel you’re gasping for air.

Aerobic Dance

Who doesn’t love to bust a move? Aerobic dance is a fat-burning workout that’s also a good time. You might not even feel like you’re working out. Most aerobic dance classes are full of others looking to burn those calories—and you’re sure to find motivation in numbers!

Cardio Barre

Perfect for the low-intensity yoga-lover, cardio barre will help you break a sweat without needing to be a master sprinter. Plus, cardio barre blends yoga, pilates, and dance into a quick 60-minute class—all of which can help you to develop flexibility and strength while torching fat.

Bodyweight Exercises

Burpees are king…but if you’re a regular gym-goer, you already know that. Of all the fat-burning workouts out there, the most-effective include a few reps of burpees. Bodyweight exercises can help you increase your heart rate and tone your muscles all at once.


Want to feel the burn? Looking for a stress reliever, too? Kickboxing might just be the answer. It burns calories like any other exercise (which can help you burn fat!), but the resistance training aspect helps you simultaneously build muscle.


We’ve established that the treadmill isn’t your thing—so why not hit the rower? The next time you’re looking for a heart rate booster, try rowing. It’s such a powerful way to burn fat (up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes!) and build muscle. Even your abdominal muscles will say ‘thank you’.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you truly hate cardio but want to give running a shot, opt for a high-intensity interval training class. You might end up on the treadmill for a bit, but it won’t be the grueling 30-minute run you’re used to. HIIT classes revolve around a mix of cardio and strength training. Often, you’ll spend less than three minutes on each round, alternating between the two types. Still, you’re sure to feel the burn afterward.

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