How To Stick To Your Gym Workout Plan

How To Stick To Your Gym Workout Plan

Working out is hard. Sticking to a gym workout plan is even harder. There are so many excuses to not exercise. You’re “just too tired”. You had a long day at the office and sitting on the couch is well deserved. You “worked out yesterday”. You’re just “too busy”. Getting up in the morning to workout is “just impossible”.

Thankfully, all it takes is a change in attitude and a few tips on how to stick to your gym workout plan to succeed. Here’s how you can keep your fitness routine on track

7 Tips On How To Stick To Your Gym Workout Plan

1. Mix it up.

If you’re powering through a HIIT workout on the treadmill every single night, you’re going to get bored fairly quickly. Mix up your gym workout plan and you’ll be more apt to stick to the grind. Ideally, two to three days of cardio, plus a few days of lower intensity work should keep you on the right track.

2. Try out a new gym.

Heading to a new gym or workout class is a surefire way to stay motivated. It lets you mix up your normal gym workout routine without having to plan ahead. You may find out you love doing yoga or you’re a Crossfit junkie at heart. The only way to find out is to give it a shot——plus, many gyms offer a free first class.

3. Bring a friend.

Need help staying on your fitness game? Having an accountability buddy is one of the oldest tricks to staying true to your gym workout plan. Why? Because it works. Having someone around to hold you accountable (and even workout with you!) can help you accomplish your goals more easily.

4. Sign up for a race.

It’s been proven that deadlines keep you on track. Signing up for a race or charity workout event gives you a deadline to meet. Set weekly and monthly goals to meet before the race—keeping a calendar will keep you on track.

5. Buy new workout clothes.

Half of the battle of balancing a gym workout plan is knowing what to wear. It may seem vain, but buying a new pair of running shoes or tights to sport at the gym might be all you need to stick to your workout plan. Think of it as an investment in your health. (Pro-tip: Use Purcado to get a deep discount—up to 70% off—on running shoes and other athletic footwear!)

6. Log your progress.

Keep track of your accomplishments. Set goals ahead of time and log your progress. Reward yourself after you hit each milestone and keep on truckin’ to the finish line. Progress photos are trendy right now, too, in the age of social media—and rightfully so. Results you can see are results you can continue striving for.

7. Start a social media account.

If you don’t have an accountability buddy to workout with, then allow your close friends and family (and even a few Internet friends!) to motivate you to succeed. Sticking to your workout plan is much easier when you know you have a supportive group of followers waiting to see how you’ve been. (Plus, there’s always the chance you’ll become Insta-famous!).

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