How To Save On The Athleisure Brands You Love

How To Save On The Athleisure Brands You Love

Athleisure brands have taken the retail world by storm—and it’s not over yet. Joggers, oversized tees, and sneakers have welded the worlds of fashion and comfort together. No longer are sneakers solely meant for the gym. And joggers? Oh, definitely not the same as sweatpants.

According to research by Morgan Stanley, the athleisure sector has seen an increase of nearly 42% since 2010. By 2020, athleisure brands are predicted to grow by another 30%—making the athleisure trend one of the most popular of our generation.

How To Save $ On Athleisure Brands

When it comes to staying on trend, saving money isn’t always easy. Trendy items have higher ticket prices. It’s basic supply and demand. But—yes, there’s a but—we’ve designed a quick and easy way for you to get the athleisure brands you crave for less. It’s called Purcado.

Head to Purcado. Search for the athleisure brand of your choice. Our search technology will instantly present you with a custom shopping experience. From a catalog of 100+ retailers, we create a list of stores that have your athleisure shoes in stock and highlight the best deal. You can quickly and easily see the savings…all you had to know was where to shop.

Athleisure Brands For Less | How Purcado Works
Know where to shop for the lowest price when you use Purcado.

Now, Purcado helps you find savings where you might not know they exist. We track down deep discounts—you know, all the ones hiding way down in the depths of the clearance section. No more searching for hours to find a great deal. With Purcado, you can find deals and savings on the athleisure brands you love in seconds. (Don’t believe us? The average Purcado user saves 25% off retail price every time they shop using Purcado…and some save even more!)

Where To Shop Affordable Athleisure Brands


As a leader in athleisure, Nike produces some quality athleisure pieces—but, their prices can be pretty steep. That’s why we shop at discount sites first. If you’re not familiar with grabbing a steal Nordstrom Rack, you’re going to be obsessed when you find that they carry women’s and men’s Nike athleisure for less. Here’s what we found today.


Adidas has created comfortable, functional leggings, shorts, joggers, and athleisure sneakers for everyday casual wear. And, the release of the Adidas UltraBoost sneaker created buzz around style, making them an athleisure brand to love. Here are some of the deals we found today on


Athleisure is about more than just the shoes, especially for women. Popular athleisure brands, like Lululemon, can quickly get expensive. Then came JoyLab. Available at Target, JoyLab has become one of our favorite affordable athleisure brands for women— here are some must-have styles.

Shop Purcado & Save Money on Athleisure Shoes

Purcado is the shoe search engine—and the quickest and easiest way to find shoes online for less. Think of us as the Trivago of footwear. We present you with prices from 100+ retailers all in one place, so you can easily see the savings. Best part? It works—the average Purcado user saves 25% off retail price on the athleisure shoes they actually want. Smart shoppers search with Purcado first—try it out today!