How To Break In Your New Running Shoes

How To Break In Your New Running Shoes

When you run through your favorite pair of running shoes, replacing them is a necessary evil. Worn down running shoes won’t give you the performance you crave. And, while you’re not excited about the toe blisters and foot pain you’re going to experience with your new pair, you know it’ll be worth it in the end. Let us help make it easier—here’s how to break in running shoes with ease!

Step-by-Step: How To Break In Running Shoes

Even properly-fitted running shoes require a bit of a break-in period. Wondering how to break in your running shoes? It’s simple, really—here’s our step-by-step guide

Step 1: Walk in them first.

Every running shoe is different—even if you purchase the same model, you can’t expect the exact same feel. You broke in your old shoes to fit the mold of your feet. How to break in running shoes this time? Walk around in your new shoes (at home!) to get a feel for them before you take off on a half-marathon.

Step 2: Ease them into your workouts.

While your new running shoes should feel comfortable starting with your first run, it’s best to keep the first few runs light. Ideally, if you plan to run in a new pair of shoes, it’s best the keep the run under 5 miles. It’s okay to give your shoe time to adjust to your strides—and your feet will thank you!

Step 3: Practice patience.

After the first several-mile-long runs, you should be ready to hit the track full force. If your shoes won’t allow it, don’t force it. Truth is, running shoes break in best with time.

We will say: if you are still having problems after a couple of runs, it’s unlikely that things will get better. Blisters and other problems (especially after the first few runs) are signs of a problem. Don’t delay in deciding that the shoes aren’t going to work for you—make sure you know your return policies, and take back any shoes that don’t fit quite right.

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