How To Organize a Dorm Room (Plus, Shoe Storage Ideas)

How To Organize a Dorm Room (Plus, Shoe Storage Ideas)

Organizing a dorm room can be quite the challenge. You don’t have a lot of floor space, you’re closet is teeny-tiny…and you’re sharing this lovely cinderblock room with another person. If you’re frustrated with the idea of storing all of your (or your kids’!) belongings in this small space, fear not— we’re here to show you the ropes and teach you how to organize a dorm room.

How To Organize a Dorm Room: The Shoe Storage Basics

Build your bed with comfy essentials (and under bed storage!).

Adding the perfect comforter and sheet set to your dorm room bed is only the beginning. Finding under-the-bed storage is where the real challenge comes in. We recommend turning a Target cube organizer on its side and placing it under the bed to give you more a more organized storage space. Choose fitted boxes to insert—or simply use them like cubbies to store loose shoes!

Organize your closet first.

Once you make the bed, organize your closet first. Organizing your dorm closet first will help you get the bulk of your belongings out of the way. Store heavy shoes in the bottom of the closet. Store lighter shoes in a behind-the-door shoe tree. Need shoe storage ideas? While creative ideas are awesome, we always recommend investing in a shoe organizer, too. Shoe organizers are a must-have when decorating a small space—otherwise, your shoes will cover a lot of your floor space.

Cover the walls…with functional pieces.

You’re going to cover the walls with art and photos of family and friends, sure…but think about how your art can be functional. Add decorative thumbtacks to a corkboard to organize your jewelry. Use command strips to add a shelf to the wall to hold extra knick-knacks. 

Shop storage furniture.

If you have the extra room in your dorm, shop storage furniture to add to your space. Adding a storage bench to the end of the bed can give you a place to hide away your extra shoes.

Store up (if you can!).

If you have space, add a bookcase behind your headboard. This will help you create more usable space for things you’re going to need—books! Have extra shelves? Store shoes you don’t wear as often on the very top shelves!

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