How to Prevent Your New Shoes from Giving You Blisters

How to Prevent Your New Shoes from Giving You Blisters

When acclimating to a new pair of shoes, blisters are not uncommon. Whether it’s a new pair of running shoes or a pretty pair of work flats, blisters on your feet and toes are the worst. Painful (and a little gross!), blisters can make it harder to get out and get active. For once, you’d like to buy a pair of shoes without having to break them in first. We get that—so we’re here to tell you how to prevent shoe blisters from forming and what to do if you get one anyway.

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Tips For How To Prevent Shoe Blisters

Blisters are not inevitable. You could make it through a half marathon or an all-day walk through Disney World without painful blisters. Wondering how to prevent shoe blisters from forming? Look no further. We’re here to offer tips on how to prevent shoe blisters (even in those new kicks!). Here’s how.

Tip 1. Find the right shoes and socks.

Every foot is different. Shoes, unfortunately, are not custom made, so you’re going to need to find a pair of shoes (especially athletic sneakers!) that fit well for your foot type. Picking shoes in the right size is a great first start when looking to prevent shoe blisters. Then, add socks that cover any and all potential problem spots.

Tip 2. Keep your feet dry.

Sweaty feet cause blisters. Why? Because foot sweat increases how much your feet rub and catch against your shoes. It’s simple friction. Keep your feet and toes dry by rubbing stick antiperspirant over them before putting on socks. Let it dry, then slip on socks and shoes—you’re sure to prevent shoe blisters this way!

Tip 3. Cover your problem spots.

If you’re set on wearing a specific pair of shoes (but you know they’re going to give you blisters in certain areas), cover those areas. If you know your problem spots, cover them with blister patches or use a blister-prevention stick.

Tip 4. Stop and readjust.

If you’re on a run and you feel a problem spot, stop and adjust your shoes or socks. Be aware of what your body is telling you during a workout or a long walk—this will save you from a lot of pain or discomfort later and help you prevent shoe blisters before they form!

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Tips For How To Treat a Blister From New Shoes

If you are already experiencing blisters from your new shoes, here’s what you can do to treat the blister (and hopefully heal it faster!).

Step 1. Cover the blister.

To prevent infection, you’ll want to cover the blister with a bandage…but not necessarily with a band-aid. Band-aids create tight seals around wounds. For blister treatment, you’ll want to loosely cover the area. Pro-tip: use padding from a first aid kit to create a barrier between the bandage and your blister.

Step 2. Avoid popping it.

Avoid popping or draining a blister, as this could lead to infection. However, if your blister is large and very painful, it may be necessary to drain the blister to reduce discomfort. To do this, sterilize a small needle using rubbing alcohol. Then, use the needle to carefully pierce one edge of the blister, which will allow some of the fluid to drain.

Step 3. Keep hygiene in mind.

Keep the area around the blister clean to avoid infection. Don’t remove the top of the blister, even if it feels healed—this will keep the skin underneath protected from dirt and germs.

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