Nike Crossfit Shoes: Best Pairs of 2018 & What To Buy Next

Nike Crossfit Shoes: Best Pairs of 2018 & What To Buy Next

As a challenging and exciting way to improve your overall agility and strength, Crossfit dominates the fitness world. It’s is more than just a workout. For some, it’s a lifestyle. And, if you’re so in love with CrossFit, you’re going to need the best shoes for optimal performance. While we’ve covered the best shoes for Crossfit before. Today, we’re going to focus on Nike Crossfit Shoes.

Best Nike Crossfit Shoes: 2018 Favorites

In recent years, Nike has made the push into designing and producing quality training shoes—which is perfect for Crossfit participants and HIIT junkies. Here are the top Nike Crossfit shoes of 2018.

Nike Free x MetCon

According to Crossfit junkies and fitness experts, the Nike Free x Metcon is one of the Nike Crossfit shoes to own in 2018. Newer in style, these are a hybrid between Nike’s Metcon and Nike Free lines. Described as the best Nike Crossfit shoe to own, we say it’s a safe one to try out if you’re new or looking to step up your game.

Nike Metcon 4

Looking for a classic among Nike Crossfit shoes? The traditional Nike Metcon is a go-to for many Crossfit competitors. Perfectly marrying the comfort of a Nike running shoe with the support of a weightlifting sneaker, you can’t go wrong with the Nike Metcon 4.

Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

If you’re looking for something to carry you through your next interval training, many Crossfitters also recommend the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2. Part of Nike’s Metcon family, this shoe offers the comfort and flexibility of the brand’s Flyknit, sock-like upper.

Alternate Go-To Crossfit Shoe Brands: What To Buy If You’re Not Into Nike

If Nike Crossfit shoes aren’t for you, what are you to do? You want to find a brand that works best for your feet—but also offers the blend of comfort and support offered by shoe specific to Crossfit. If you choose to forgo Nike Crossfit shoes, other brands we recommend include NoBull and Reebok. We’ve even added links below to make shopping these styles a breeze.

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