Love The Steve Madden Greece Slides? We’ve Found Lookalikes For Less

Love The Steve Madden Greece Slides? We’ve Found Lookalikes For Less

If you’re a fashion girl, you’ve been eyeing the Steve Madden Greece slides all summer long. Scroll through your Instagram feed right now. You shouldn’t be shocked to find at least one of your friends or favorite bloggers sporting these trendy sandals. They’ve been the go-to sandals of summer…if you were willing to pay nearly $80 for a passing fad.

Trends fade fast. Smart shoppers know this, and you may find it difficult to invest in a pair you may only get to wear a few months out of the year. So, what’s a fashion girl to do?

You have three choices: shop the Steve Madden Greece slides at full-price, wait for them to go on sale, or find a dupe. We’re big fans of the latter.

Shop Steve Madden Greece Slides—Starting at $79.95

Lookalike Steve Madden Greece Slides For Less—Starting at $14.99

For fast fashion and passing trends, we’re big fans of dupes and lookalike pairs. Shopping lookalike shoes is the oldest money-saving trick in the book. Quality won’t be the same, sure, but you’re not looking for a trendy piece that will last for years…just for one season.

We’ve found lookalikes for the popular Steve Madden Greece slides for way less than retail price. Best part? Some of these styles are simply older versions of Steve Madden sandals—which means you get the same quality of shoe by the same designer for less money. We call that a win-win-win. Here’s what we found.

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