Tips For Getting Dressed When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Tips For Getting Dressed When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Did you wake up with no clue what to wear today? Are you a little grumpy? You’re tempted to throw your hair in a low pony because you woke up late. It’s laundry day, too. Your closet is a mess and you’re scrambling around trying to get to work on time. You just don’t feel like getting dressed…and we totally get that.

Some days you’d rather throw on some sweatpants and mail it in. Unfortunately, today’s a work day, so you’ve got to put some kind of effort into your appearance…right?

Maybe not. We’re about to share our tips and tricks for looking put together without even trying. For those tough mornings where you don’t have time to put in the work, here’s what you can do.

What To Wear Today: Tips For Looking Put Together & Comfortable

1. Avoid uncomfortable shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Avoid uncomfy shoes, weirdly designed clothes, and constricting underwear (yep…put those Spanx away!). If it requires constant pulling and tugging to look just right, put it back in the closet. On days when you don’t feel like getting dressed, shoot for a comfy, but cute look. The comfortable clothes (and shoes!) you choose might just put you in a better mood.

What to wear today: Not those cute heels that will 100% give you a blister—shop one of these comfy flats instead.

2. Wear something you feel confident in.

Confidence is key to almost everything. If you feel like you look great in something (and you definitely do!), then you’ll have confidence in yourself to tackle whatever the workday brings. On days when lying in bed sounds like a dream, choose your favorite dress or your most comfortable pair of sandals…even if you wore them yesterday. Everyone should have a go-to outfit on hand—something like a little black dress that’s easy to wear for any occasion and always flattering.

What to wear today: Your favorite dress or a comfortable pair of shoes. Don’t have anything? Try out these comfy items.

3. Choose a clean outfit.

While grabbing that shirt off of the top of the laundry basket sounds easy peasy, 10/10 recommend avoiding this move. Maybe that top or pair of jeans wasn’t dirty when it hit the basket, but it’s been hanging out with your sweaty gym clothes so…

What to wear today: Nothing from the laundry hamper—clean clothes only! Make sure to pack a clean pair of gym clothes—like these!—too.

4. Choose an outfit that’s easy to find.

Some mornings you have this idea of the perfect outfit. You’ve pictured it in your head, but you forgot to lay it out before going to sleep. Now it’s 7:52 a.m. and you can’t seem to remember where you last saw those pants.

Maybe they’re in the car? What laundry basket did I put them in? I’m going to be late!!

Don’t have an outfit meltdown—it’s sure to make you even more grumpy. Best thing to do in this case is to wear something easy to find. On a morning when you don’t feel like getting dressed, simply grab the first article of clothing in your closet.

What to wear today: The first thing you find in your closet. (Pro-tip: head to your dresses first—it’s easier because you don’t have to match pants or a skirt!). Here are some comfy dresses our editors recommend.

5. Choose clothing that fits.

If you’re scrambling for time and dreading the thought of heading to the office, one tip reigns true: don’t try to squeeze into that old pair of jeans. Nothing makes a morning worse like ill-fitting clothing. Plus, if you make it to the office in your ill-fitting pants, you now have to fight your zipper for the next eight hours…not fun!

Pick something you know zips up easily—this way, you can enjoy your work day!

What to wear today: Definitely not those jeans from two years ago. Try these stretchy work pants instead.

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