Ladies, It’s Time to Fall Back In Love With The Platform Sandal

Ladies, It’s Time to Fall Back In Love With The Platform Sandal

Blame it on our nostalgia for Clueless and *NSYNC, but ‘90s style is back and better than ever. If the return of the half ponytail or faded overalls didn’t tip you off that the ‘90s had returned, the resurgence of this shoe will make your inner girly girl squeal with joy: the platform sandal.

If there’s any shoe that screams the ‘90s, it’s the platform sandal. Simple, yet chic. Easy to style. Gives shorter gals the perfect amount of height without the pain of wearing heels—what’s not to love?

Whether you’re new to the platform sandal trend—shout out to all of the 2000s babies—or you’re ready to break out your vintage kicks, here’s to your new favorite summer sandal.

Fashion Blogger Zoe Phinazee On The Platform Sandal Trend

To get more insight on the platform sandal trend, we spoke to Zoe Finazee of ZoeVogue, a fashion blogger from Greensboro, North Carolina. Zoe attended North Carolina State University for Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing. Since 2011, she’s showcased her dramatic and eccentric style on her blog and on Instagram under the handle @zoe_vogue.

Q: Platform sandals are back. How do you feel about the return of this ‘90s trend?

A: I love the platform sandal trend. Why? Because that means even more heel height options and styles for the summer! Platform sandals give you extra height—but a comfortable height—which makes them perfect for everyday wear!

Q: Do you prefer espadrilles platform sandals or traditional platforms?

A: I’m really loving the espadrilles style because of the rope detail. Classic espadrilles just scream summer! You could wear them to the beach, on a cruise, or to a summer barbecue—and they perfectly match the woven bags that are trending right now!

Q: Do you think the trend will last?

A: Trends come and go. It really depends on the public—will they regard it as a classic style and one that’s a staple in your closet? Or will they chalk it up to a fast fashion trend? I believe the platform sandal trend will last as long as the ‘90s trend is popular, but we’ll see!

Q: Why do you think ‘90s style is trending?

A: Those of us who were babies or kids in the ‘90s have reached an age where we feel a bit nostalgic—I’ve even been listening to a lot of *NSYNC recently. Plus, fashion is cyclical. What was in style in the fashion world previously always comes back. The ‘90s and the platform sandal are just having their moment in the spotlight.

Q: What would you say is your personal style?

A: Street style. I’m inspired by what people wear during fashion week, but I like to incorporate elements of their outrageous styles into my everyday look. I like mixing pattern and wearing dresses over jeans. Sometimes I enjoy adding edgy elements like leather jackets to my wardrobe, but lately, I’ve leaned more towards feminine chic. For spring and summer, I’ve added more floral tops and dresses, sandals (of course!), and tried my best to keep it simple. So, I say street style because I like to mix it up and not stick with one particular aesthetic or style.

Designer Platform Sandals—Each On Sale Or Under $100

Looking for a designer platform sandal on a budget? You’re in luck. Here are the top designer and brand name platform sandals of the summer—each on sale or under $100.

Budget Platform Sandals—Starting at $24.99

Want to rock the platform sandal trend without paying the price? No worries. We’ve tracked down lookalike platforms to help you stay in style without breaking the bank.

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