Looking for Deals on Running Shoes? Here’s How to Find Them

Looking for Deals on Running Shoes? Here’s How to Find Them

You don’t need a gym membership; running is the best “free” form of exercise…or so they say. Running is often considered an accessible sport. But, when you add up the costs of running apparel and athletic shoes, you’ll quickly find that this activity is more costly than you might think. High-end (and even budget) running apparel and footwear isn’t cheap. In order to save some cash, you’ve got to find deals on running shoes especially.

Discount running shoes can be hard to find, but it’s not impossible. For deals on running shoes and apparel, you often have to wait for a sale from sites like JackRabbit or Joe’s New Balance Outlet…or you have to fork out a small fortune to pay full-price, right? Wrong. Those aren’t your only options. If you know when, where, and how to find the best deals on running shoes, you too can stay fit on a budget.

Tips For Finding the Best Deals on Running Shoes

We love to help people find a great price on what they’re looking for—Purcado is a deal finding site for shoes, after all! Here are a few of the best tips for finding deals on running shoes from our staff. 

Tip #1: Know when to shop for running shoes.

Knowing when to shop for running shoes is half the battle. Retailers offer deals on running shoes at almost always the same times each year—early January and late spring. Early January makes the most sense, right? Shoppers have recently made their New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym more often, and brands know this to be true. To entice shoppers into a new pair of kicks to compliment their pricey gym membership, prices on running shoes drop after Christmas.

During late spring and early summer, thoughts of warm days are dancing around in your head…and brands are preparing for your sudden desire to shop for vacation. New running shoe styles are about to drop in the fall, and retailers need to rid their backstock of last season’s trends. Looking for deep discounts? Shop before mid-June to find the best deals.

Tip #2: Browse discount sites.

At first instinct, you might be inclined to shop your favorite retailer—but if you only peruse that one site you might be missing out on some killer savings. Knowing where to shop for running shoes is the other half of the battle of finding the best deal. Some retailers are always going to offer extra discounts, coupons, and special sales; others are going to present you with the full price every time. Browse sites like Joe’s New Balance Outlet—a hidden gem for finding a great deal on New Balance sneakers—or the clearance sections of major sites like Macy’s and Finish Line.

Tip #3: Search for last season’s running shoe styles.

New and improved running shoes might be your go-to. You want the latest and greatest technology, right? Truth is, sneaker upgrades aren’t always about quality—and many of the same benefits of specific running shoe brands can be found in older models. The beauty of online shopping is that you can find deep discounts on last year’s running shoes from your favorite retailers with a single search. What we’re saying is, if you want a deep discount, start by searching for last year’s model. You’ll get the brand and style you love at way better price.

Tip #4: Sort low to high.

For seasoned bargain hunters, a tip of ‘sorting low to high’ is child’s play. However, if you’re new to seeking out deals on running shoes, you might not yet know the beauty of sorting and filtering your search results. Sorting low to high on any site can allow you to see only the shoes you know you can afford—trust us when we say, it helps to avoid the feeling of longing for those $180 UltraBoosts. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Tip #5: Use a price-comparison tool.

Does hopping from retailer to retailer and roaming clearance sections sound exhausting? Finding deals on running shoes might seem like an impossible task…until now. If you’re not a deal finder by nature (and you absolutely loathe rummaging through clearance and discount shops!), you’ll love Purcado. Purcado’s price comparison tool lets you search for the exact shoe or shoe brand you want. In one quick search, we’ll present you with price listings from over 100+ retailers. In one browser tab, you can see which retailer has the best price and link directly to the site to purchase. It’s the no-hassle way to find the best deal on running shoes.

Purcado Picks: Today’s Best Deals On Running Shoes

Looking for the best deals on running shoes today? We’ve got you covered. Our team has searched for popular brands and on-trend styles to carry you through your next jog—all on sale and ready to fly off the shelves. Sizes and quantities are limited; savings are not.

How Does Purcado Help You Find Deals on Running Shoes?

At Purcado, we curate daily shoe deals from major retailers, hidden gems, and almost every site in between. Looking for deals on running shoes? Check out our Deals page to see what we’ve found for you. Don’t see anything you like? Use our search. At our core, we’re a price comparison tool anyway. Effortlessly search for the shoes you want using the search bar at the top of our site. In under a minute, we’ll present you with the best price on the web today. Wishing for a new pair of shoes at a discount? Think of Purcado as a genie in a bottle…only you get more than just three wishes. You get as many wishes as you want (as long as they’re about finding the best deal on shoes!).

Use Purcado once and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can find major discounts on your favorite shoe brands. Soon enough, you’ll be bragging to friends about how much you saved on running shoes when you used this price comparison tool.

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