5 Tips for Running in The Heat This Summer

5 Tips for Running in The Heat This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for those sneakers to hit the pavement—but is it too hot to exercise outside? Running in the heat feels like it takes a toll on your body—but how big of a toll does it take? Is running in the heat safe? Do you get the same workout? We’ve done a bit of investigating—and now we want to share our tips for running in the summer heat with you!

Why is Running in The Heat More Difficult?

Running in the heat or in a more humid place (hello, summer vacation!) can have an impact on your workout. As the heat or humidity increases so does the physical stress on your body. In turn, the intensity of your run increases and so does your heart rate.

In fact, even if your pace doesn’t change, your heart rate may increase due to running in the heat. Why’s that? Because your body is trying tirelessly to cool itself down, but hot and humid days make the sweaty, cool down process almost impossible. No need to worry though, that’s a normal reaction to running in the summer heat and there are steps you can take to make your outdoor jog safer and more efficient.

How to Make Running in The Heat Easier

Running in the heat during summer can be brutal, as we’ve pointed out. Summers tends to be more humid, too, which just amps up your outdoor run. You don’t want to sentence yourself to a summer on the treadmill…so what are you to do? Here are six tips for running in the heat.

1. Adjust your routine.

When running in the heat, you don’t want to overdo it. In order to get the most out of your run, you might have to adjust your normal routine. Don’t try a higher-intensity workout during the heat of the day. Instead, switch to a light morning jog or scale back the miles you plan to cover during the afternoon.

2. Wear breathable clothing.

Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing is a must when running in the heat. Summer runs are best accompanied by Dri-fit shorts, vented tops, and breathable athletic shoes. With all of this exposed skin, you’re also going to want to lather on the sunscreen to protect your body’s largest organ (AKA your skin!).

3. Stay hydrated

We can’t say this enough: stay hydrated! For workouts shorter than 45 minutes, water will do. If you’re planning to workout for longer, add in a sports drink with electrolytes, too.

4. Check the wind.

Running on windy days can take the edge off of a normal summer afternoon. Plan your route ahead of time and check the wind with the weather. Start by running in the direction of the wind (or with the wind). On the way back, run against the wind—this will give you the desired cooling effect you’ll want during the second half of your jog.

5. Slow down.

If you’re a regular runner, then you probably keep up with your speeds. You might be inclined to do everything you can to beat your previous time. But when running in the heat, it’s best to simply slow down. Running in the heat already intensifies your run (and ups your heart rate!). Even if you’re a little slower than normal, you’re still getting a great workout.

Instead of avoiding running in the heat, take these tips and apply them to your next run. Training in the summer sun might seem difficult at first, but it can actually help you reach your goals more quickly. As your body learns to adapt to running in the heat, it will make those indoor, air-conditioned jogs much easier.

Summer Running Gear You Need To Succeed

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