We’ve Got The Secret To Keeping Your White Vans Clean

We’ve Got The Secret To Keeping Your White Vans Clean

Canvas sneakers, especially in white, collect dirt and grime like no other. It’s why you rarely see commuters in New York City or the like with crisp, white shoes—distinctly white Vans and white Converse. White Vans are notorious for staying dirty—so, here’s how to clean white Vans and keep them clean!

Here’s How To Clean White Vans (And Keep Them Clean!)

We’ve broken down the easiest, cheapest ways to clean your white Vans and protect them from everyday wear and tear. If you’re wondering how to clean white vans, look no further—here are 4 awesome tips!

1. Protect your white Vans from everyday wear.

You love your white Vans. You might even wear them every single day. You want to do everything you can to keep them pearly white. But, how? To keep your white sneakers spotless, prep them for the weather. Before you wear your new white Vans (or any white sneakers!), prep them with a water repellant or protective spray. While it won’t save you from every speck of dirt, it will at least save your white Vans from the rainy day blues.

What you’ll need: KIWI Shoe Protect-All (Target, $6.89) or a similar brand

2. Change out the laces on your white Vans.

Wondering how to clean white Vans? Before you fret about your white Vans, ask yourself: are my shoes dirty or is it just my laces?  Because they’re made of cotton or synthetic materials, laces tend to collect dirt first. The easiest solution to this is to simply purchase a new pair of laces. Don’t have the extra cash to spend? Wash your laces, instead. Just make sure to place them in a delicates bag and never put them in the dryer. Lay them flat to dry.

What you’ll need: New, white Vans laces (Amazon, $8.05) 

3. Clean the soles with toothpaste.

Do your white Vans have dirty soles? Don’t spend your extra dough on special shoe cleaning products, simply use toothpaste. Non-gel, white toothpaste tends to do the trick because it contains hydrogen peroxide—the same chemical compound that whitens your teeth. 

What you’ll need: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda & Peroxide Toothpaste (Target, $5.39) or a similar brand

4. Break out the Magic Eraser.

If you’ve attempted to clean your white Vans but nothing seems to be working, try a Magic Eraser. This powerful sponge can get almost any stain, scuff, or scrape off of your white sneakers and leather shoes. Just be careful—don’t scrub too hard!

What you’ll need: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original (Target, $5.99)

Need A New Pair? Shop White Vans Here

You’ve searched for how to clean white Vans and tried every trick in the book, but nothing seems to be working. Ask yourself: are my white Vans too dirty? If they’ve had a long life, it might be time to consider replacing them instead. Here are some trending styles of white Vans styles to shop right now.

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