Water Shoes For Kids: How To Choose The Best Pair For Summer

Water Shoes For Kids: How To Choose The Best Pair For Summer

Do your kids love to splash around in puddles, get their shoes in the pool, and run through the tide at the beach? Of course, they do—they’re just kids after all. As a cautious parent, save yourself the worry this summer and choose a decent pair of water shoes for kids to protect your little one’s feet. No more wet sneakers or bad blisters on the family vacation—just fun!

What Are Water Shoes—And Do You Really Need Them?

Water shoes keep your kids’ feet safe from harm and can help them from slipping and falling near all of the wet surfaces they’re likely to encounter this summer. The best water shoes for kids and toddlers can reduce the risk of slipping when walking around the neighborhood pool or playing near the shallow end. Water shoes for kids can also protect their feet from sharp seashells, rocks, or rough sand at the bottom of the ocean. And, water shoes for kids also protect your little one’s feet from germs and icky parasites that might be floating in or around the water!

Our advice? While water shoes for kids aren’t a summer requirement, they are a pretty good idea to have packed for the pool or your family vacation.

Why Should Kids Avoid Regular Shoes When Playing In Water?

Regular kids shoes aren’t water-resistant. If you let your little one in the water with their soft sneakers or strappy sandals, you’re going to have a soggy mess. Wet shoes can leave major blisters on your child’s feet—and we know you want to avoid this!

Water shoes for kids are made of water-resistant materials—usually mesh—that dry quickly. Dry feet are happy feet, and when your kids have happy feet they’re happy, too!

How To Choose The Best Water Shoes For Kids

When it comes to choosing the best water shoes for kids, functionality is key. Style comes second. You want to make sure you are choosing the most functional water shoes for kids that will do the best job to protect your little’s feet. When shopping for kids water shoes, look for:

Sturdy soles. They’ll keep your little one’s feet protected from seashells, hot concrete, and sandy shores. Just make sure you don’t confuse sturdy for bulky. Kids water shoes should be lightweight, even with a sturdy, well-built sole.   

Closed toes. Keep their little toes safe by seeking out kids water shoes with closed toes. Open-toed kids water shoes leave the door open for stubbed toes and scrapped feet.

Lightweight materials. Kids are going to run and play; that’s what summers are for. Don’t slow them down (or give them more of an opportunity to trip!) in bulky water shoes.

Breathable uppers. Nothing is worse than stinky, sweaty feet in the summer—especially when it’s your kids’ stinky, sweaty feet. Choose kids water shoes with breathable uppers (often made of mesh) to keep their feet dry!

Good grip. To avoid unforeseen slips and slides on the pool deck, make sure your kids’ water shoes you choose have a good grip. Good grip on the bottom of the water shoes can save your kids from many water accidents.

When you find kids water shoes that check off all of these boxes, you’ll know you’ve found a good pair! Not sure where to begin? No worries—we’ve tracked down some of the best kids water shoes for Summer 2018 below.

Kids’ Water Shoes For Summer 2018

All of these water shoes for kids are Purcado-approved. We’ve checked off all of the boxes for you—meaning we’ve made sure that these water shoes for kids are sturdy, lightweight, and breathable. Each pair has a closed toe and great grip for optimal safety. We’ve also searched for the absolute best prices—so your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief, too, Mom.

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