Mommy and Me Outfits: How To Pull It Off With Style

Mommy and Me Outfits: How To Pull It Off With Style

When it comes to fashion, there’s a fine line between cute and corny. Fashion trends for kids can fall in one of those two categories. And the most controversial of these kids fashion trends? Mommy and me outfits.

You swore you wouldn’t be one of those moms who does the matchy-matchy thing. But if you love to find identical clothing pieces for your little one and you, you’re not alone. Celebrities and soccer moms have been creating adorable matching outfits with their kids for years. Plus, if Bey can do it with Blue Ivy, you can totally pull off Mommy and me outfits with your little, too—right?

Of course. There’s a secret recipe for pulling off Mommy and me outfits and we’re here to share it with you.

The key to a perfect Mommy and me outfit is to make sure you’re not styling down. Avoid dressing like a little kid; instead, dress your son or daughter up. Find kid versions of shoes that are in style for adults or buy similar accessories to make your outfits look the same. What we’re saying is don’t buy unicorn slippers for yourself just to match your little one; instead take pieces from your own closet and match similar items when shopping for your kids.

Not sure what we mean? No worries—we’ve tracked down some of our favorite fashion accessories, outfits, and shoes for mom and kid duos just like you.

Mommy and Me Outfits to Wear This Season

Mommy and Me Outfit #1: All That Glitters

Looking for Mommy and me outfits that can brighten up your Saturday? Add a little sparkle to your and your daughter’s wardrobe with this adorable, casual ensemble.  Don’t worry, we’ve linked where to get these glittery sneakers below (and the basics, too!).

Where to shop for Mom: 

Glitter Sneakers by Kate Spade, Keds, $85

Summer Wash Denim, Target, $27.99

Where to shop for the kids:

Glitter Sneakers by Kate Spade, Keds, $40

Cat & Jack Dark Wash Jeans, Target, $10

Cat & Jack Basic Tee, Target, $4.50

Mommy and Me Outfit #2: Laid Back Denim

Some summer nights can get a bit chilly, so it’s always best for you and your little one to have a jacket on hand—and who can say no to the edgy look a denim jacket can give an outfit? Let your little be the coolest gal in school, especially when she’s matching mom—shop our outfit inspiration below!

Where to shop for Mom: 

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket, Macy’s, $55.19

A New Day Leggings, Target, $14.99

Sam Edelman Slip-On SneakersZappos, $59.95

Where to shop for the kids:

Cat & Jack Denim Jacket, Target, $16.98

Cat & Jack Leggings, Target, $4.50

Kid’s Steve Madden Slip-On Sneakers, Zappos, $40

Mommy and Me Outfit #3: Rainy Day Blues

Got those rainy day blues? Have your own Mommy and me day—complete with matching outfits! We love these glitter Hunter rain booties for kids—they add just enough youthful excitement to your little’s outfit to make the dreary day not seem so gloomy. And, these boots last forever—seriously!—so the matte navy is a perfect addition to your wardrobe too, Mom.

Where to shop for Mom: 

Hunter Rain Coat, Dillards, $68.25

Hunter Booties, Nordstrom, $135

A New Day Leggings, Target, $14.99

Where to shop for the kids:

Hunter Rain Coat, Hunter, $85

Hunter Booties, Nordstrom, $75

Cat & Jack Leggings, Target, $4.50

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