Kids Summer Shoes: Styles to Shop Starting at $3.99

Kids Summer Shoes: Styles to Shop Starting at $3.99

As summer fast approaches, we’re sure your kids are ready to exchange afternoons at school for warm days by the pool. But, is their wardrobe ready? We’ve tracked down essential kids summer shoes to add to your little one’s closet this season—to make playing outdoors easy for you, Mom.

For active little boys and girls, summer is the perfect time to get outside and play—but sometimes that can come with a mess. Dirt, sweat, and morning dew are not uncommon during summer outdoor activities; and shoes are often the first thing to get messy. Need summer shoes for your active little ones? Here are the best kids summer shoes to invest in now.

What Kids Summer Shoes Should I Buy This Year?

Pick #1: Crocs

Crocs aren’t the cutest, but they are perfect for active kids in the summer. Heading to the pool? Running around a dew-soaked front yard? Helping out in the garden? Crocs are the answer to your summer shoe woes. Easy to pull on and easy to hose off when they get dirty, they are ideal for hot, sunny days. Also, they’re arguably the most comfortable summer shoes. You won’t have to worry about blisters and soggy socks—instead, you’ll just have a few happy kids playing in the summer sun!

Pick #2: Flip-flops

For older kids, flip-flops are the summer shoes to know because they’re cheap and easy to slide on—especially at the beach or pool. Your younger kids might have trouble keeping the thong between the appropriate toes, so avoid flip-flops if your kids are under two. For extra security, seek out flip-flops with the strap in the back.

Pick #3: Sandals

Summer isn’t all lounging by the pool. You’re sure to have an event or family function that requires a dress shoe for kids. Kids summer shoes aren’t always “dressy” in nature—so don’t forget to invest in a pair of cute kids sandals or light-weight boat shoes for those special events.

Pick #4: Water Shoes

Heading to a water park? Going to the beach? Keep your kid’s feet safe and clean in the deep blue ocean by investing in a pair of water shoes. Your child’s summer shoe collection wouldn’t be complete without a durable pair of water shoes.

Pick #5: Sneakers and Active Shoes

If your family loves to spend time outdoors during the summer, your kid’s summer shoes should reflect this. Love hiking and camping? Your kids are sure to get dirty—if you want to keep their feet clean, dry, and protected this summer, make sure to find them a quality pair of sneakers or active shoes. Our favorites? Keen has a great selection of activewear shoes for kids that are breathable and durable for summer activities.

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