Spring Cleaning Checklist: How to Organize Your Closet

Spring Cleaning Checklist: How to Organize Your Closet

Spring cleaning is a chore that’s never fun—but it’s necessary to organize your closet and spruce up your home this time of year. Fresh linens, a breathable kitchen, and a spotless bathroom will leave you proud of your home. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want a guest-ready household for the summer. To shed the winter filth and prepare your home for a warmer, happier season, start with the closets.

Purging your closet can be just the motivation you need to spring clean the rest of the house. When you find yourself with a well organized, purged, and dust-free closet, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Not sure where to begin? Here’s our foolproof process.

How to Organize Your Closet in 6 Steps

Want to clean your closet from top to bottom? Need to organize your closet by color or style? In six simple steps, your dream closet can be a reality. No more stepping on worn clothes or losing your favorite top in a sea of mismatched work wear. Want to clean quickly and efficiently? Follow these steps in order and you won’t get distracted by the nostalgia that tends to derail us during home organization projects.

Step One: Straighten Up Your Clothes

If your closet is a true mess, you’re going to want to start here. Begin to organize your closet by picking up the clothes strewn across the floor, tidying up the shelves, and removing your shoes from the baseboards. Fold what needs to be put away in drawers or on shelves. Set them aside, folded.

Step Two: Remove and Sort The Rest

Once you’ve straightened up your foldable clothing, remove what’s left in the closet. Clothes on hangers, shoes on racks, and any accessories should be removed from the closet and sorted into piles. To make the cleaning out process most efficient, sort your clothes, shoes, and accessories into three piles—keep, donate, and store. Not sure what pile to put an item in, here’s a guide:

Step Three: Clean Your Closet

Now’s the time to break out the duster, Clorox wipes, and vacuum. Don’t think about the last time you vacuumed your closet’s carpet, it’ll only make you sad—you’re doing it now! Once you’ve wiped down shelves and cleaned out all of the dust bunnies, it’s time to go back to the clothes and shoes you’ve kind of sorted.

Step Four: Purge It All

Okay, maybe not all of it—but a lot of it. Check out your donation pile. Is it small? If so, it might be time to revisit your keep stack. If you haven’t worn an item in over a year, consider a donation. And, if it doesn’t fit? Consider size—if it’s more than two sizes too big or too small, get rid of it. You’ll appreciate your decluttered closet more than you’ll appreciate clothes that might fit again someday.

Step Five: Reorganize

Place items back in your closet in an organized manner. You can organize your closet in a few ways—by color or by season. Always start by deciding where you want each type of clothing (i.e. tops, pants, jackets, etc.) to live. Once you’ve decided, move on to the color or season sorting.

To sort by color, use the ROYGBIV scale to sort them by the hues of a rainbow. Bright reds come first, then orange and yellow hued items. Fade into green next, then bright blue, indigo, and violet. You can choose the best place to add in your whites, blacks, and neutrals.

To sort by season, simply section off your closet into four areas—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Within each season, allow room for a section of tops, jackets, pants, and shoes (to live above or below the hanging items!). If you have a small closet, consider keeping the seasons on rotation—for example, hang your spring and summer clothes from March to September and keep your fall and winter clothes in storage boxes. Store the off-season clothing in tubs that can be placed on the top shelves of your closet or under the bed.

Step Six: Donate and Discard

To finish off your closet cleanout, you’ll want to send your purged clothing to a donation center or trash the unusable items. Put the donation box in your car the same day—this way it doesn’t sit in the living room creating more clutter. Discard items ASAP.

Congratulations, your closet is now ready for spring. It’s quite a tough process, with lots of decisions to make and hard work to accomplish, but you made it through. We know you’re pretty exhausted—but isn’t your clean, organized closet full of ready-to-wear items so rewarding? We think so. Now you won’t feel bad when you add a few new summer items to your cart—because now you have the room for new trendy pieces! Need more motivation? Download our spring closet cleaning checklist today!

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