12 Puddle-Proof Rain Boots For Kids Under $30

12 Puddle-Proof Rain Boots For Kids Under $30

April showers bring May flowers—have you found a reliable pair of puddle-proof rain boots for your kids? Before we can get to pretty spring and summer days, we have to make it through some rainy afternoons. Do your kids love jumping through those April puddles? Do they like to help you plant flowers? Don’t let them get dirty in the process. Keep your kid’s feet clean and dry all spring with these awesome rain boots for kids under $30.

At what age can a kid start wearing rain boots?

When your kid is able to walk on his or her own, rain boots are a fine option for footwear. Kids rain boots help to protect their tiny toes from the elements and keep their nice shoes from getting dirty too quickly. If the skies open up and your little one must brave the storms, make sure they’re prepared with a nice pair of rubber boots. If your kid is still learning how to walk, hold off on purchasing rain boots for now. Chunky and clunky rubber boots are no good in helping your child learn to navigate the world.

What size kids rain boots should I order?

Most rain boots for kids are only made in whole sizes—which means, if your little one typically wears a half size, you’re going to have to make a decision. Rounding up to the next whole size makes the most sense. If they typically wear a 4.5, round up to a 5 and add heavy socks to make up the difference. You don’t really want to round down because you want to give your child room to grow into the rain boots.

Here Are 12 Rain Boots For Kids Under $30

Quality rain boots for kids are an important part of their spring wardrobe. Splashing through puddles in their dress shoes or white sneakers isn’t ideal—and you never want to deal with the blisters and soreness that come as an aftermath to soggy socks. When seeking out the best rain boots for your kids, make sure to find pairs that are not too heavy and have great traction. Not sure where to look? No worries. We’ve tracked down the best rain boots and garden boots for kids—each pair under $30—from top brands like Western Chief, Laura Ashley, and more!

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