Mom, Here Are 27 Cheap Kids Shoes To Make You Spend Without Hesitation

Mom, Here Are 27 Cheap Kids Shoes To Make You Spend Without Hesitation

Looking for cheap kids shoes to put on your little one’s feet this summer? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you find the best kids shoes at the lowest prices of the season.

Kids grow up fast—and they seem to grow out of their shoes even faster. Between the ages of one and three, a child’s feet can be expected to grow as much as 1.5mm in length each month; and from three to six, they can grow as much as 1mm per month. After age six, growth slows down but most children’s feet don’t halt growth until at least age 14 or so.

If you do the math, you’ll quickly realize that’s a lot of shoes. Now, ask yourself: Is your kid growing out of his or her footwear before they even break them in? Are you spending dollars on shoes that won’t be worn enough to wear out? Are you paying top dollar for brand name styles that’ll soon end up in the donation box? If you answered yes, we’re here to help.

Paying full price for your kids’ shoes is silly—especially when there are so many cheap kids shoes for summer available online at a discount. Summer sandals and sportswear for kids should be fun, easy to play in, and easy to toss when the season is over. Kids’ shoes shouldn’t put a damper on your budget.  

To help you out, Mom, we’ve tracked down 31 awesome, cheap kids shoes for summer—each under $20—for you to shop this weekend. Here’s what we found.

Here Are 27 Cheap Kids Shoes For Summer—All Under $20

What’s Purcado—And How Can It Find Me Great Deals on Kids Shoes?

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Our philosophy? If you paid full price for the shoes on your feet, you’ve paid too much. If you shop around and shop often, you’re sure to find the same shoes at a lower price. But you don’t have the time to hop from store to store—and we get that. With Purcado, we take the stress out of shoe shopping by saving you time and money—and giving you peace of mind that you scored the best deal!

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