4 Specific Changes to Make That’ll Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life

4 Specific Changes to Make That’ll Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life

We all know that there are certain “bad behaviors” that can hustle us to an early grave. Smoking cigarettes? Not ideal since smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control. Avoiding exercise? Did you know that two whole years of your life could be cut just from sitting more than three hours a day. Not getting enough fruits and veggies? Bad move if you’re looking to truly live your best life after retirement.

Fortunately, you can do something to correct these and other unhealthy behaviors now. Here are 4 specific changes you can make right now to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Invest in a gym membership.

Living a sedentary lifestyle has been linked with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. Which means, if you spend your life on the couch, or in your office chair, you may be at higher risk for disease and a shortened lifespan. Investing in a gym membership—where you’re required to regularly attend classes—can help create a healthier you. Gym memberships, especially at boutique studios, hold you accountable—often charging you for skipped classes.

On a budget? Make time to create yourself an exercise plan and actually stick to it. Regular exercise is important for cardiovascular health and reducing weight gain. Also, it reduces stress, lifts moods, and helps you sleep better—all of which can lead to a longer, healthier life. But, you have to stay motivated and never give up.

Eat your green, leafy veggies.

A study in the journal of Neurology has found that eating leafy green vegetables every day may help in preserving memory and thinking skills as you grow older. Nutrients like folate, vitamin K and antioxidants—all found in leafy green veggies—play a role in your brain health. So, why avoid them? Same goes for fruit. Did you know that blueberries are also chock-full of antioxidants? Not only do they help your memory, they also fight against aging. And, no one was joking when they said an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Say yes to an extra cup of coffee.

Worried about how your morning cup of Joe affects your health? Having a coffee in the morning doesn’t just wake you up, it could also add years to your life. Research conducted by Stanford Medicine found that caffeine can help fight off certain disease-causing chronic inflammations—many of which lead to cancers and other chronic illnesses. So, go ahead and pour another cup. Just try your best to avoid loading it down with lots of cream and sugar—and don’t go overboard. One to three cups a day will let you reap the benefits without having too much of a negative effect on your anxiety, sleep and blood sugar levels.

Replace your running shoes.

In 2008, a study found that regular high-intensity exercise—especially running—can add up to four years to your life. However, when your running shoes are old and worn out, you can face serious injuries to your feet, knees, joints and ankles. When injured, you could be out of the gym for more than a few weeks—and within about two weeks of inactivity, aerobic conditioning starts to noticeably decline. This makes it harder for you to get back into the swing of things, and your heart health could suffer.

Changing your running shoes when they wear out could be beneficial to your overall health and wellness. The recommended time for changing running shoes is every 500 miles or so—just make sure you’re taking the time to break in your new running shoes before you starting running a marathon.

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