How To Get Sneakers For Less: Nike Free RN Edition

How To Get Sneakers For Less: Nike Free RN Edition

When you fall in love with a sneaker or running shoe (like the Nike Free RN 2017!), it’s hard to shop around. Nothing else fits quite the same—and you don’t want to feel like you’re cheating on your favorite kicks. Unfortunately, most brand name sneakers are quite expensive. And unless you’re go-to retailer is having a sale, many can cost upwards of $120—not always a stress-free purchase for someone on a budget.

Every week, we’re going to bring you a popular sneaker or running shoe and explain how to get them for much less than retail price. This week, we’re going to focus on a fan-favorite: the Nike Free RN.

What’s So Great About Nike Free RN Sneakers?

When first released in 2005, the Nike Free RN was the first of its kind. Minimalism wasn’t yet a trend—especially not in the shoe industry. Minimalist running shoes were an idea sparked by barefoot training. Nike wanted runners to have their feet as close to the ground as possible. It was almost as if you, the runner, would be one with the road.

The original Nike Free RN offered natural flexibility, breathable coverage and responsive cushioning—no longer were you worn down by a bulky running shoe. In 2017, the Nike Free RN 2017 was updated to provide a more secure fit.

What About The Nike Free RN Distance?

As serious runners began experiencing new types of injuries from minimalist shoes, the trend faltered a bit in the past year—at least among marathon runners and the like. Nike took to customers’ needs and created the Nike Free RN Distance—and its cushiony, comfortable sole allowed for more shock absorption. While the original Nike Free RN is fine for a regular workout, this shoe is prepared to handle higher mileage and is ideal for serious runners.  

How Much Does a Pair of Nike Free RN Sneakers Cost?

On average, a pair of Nike Free RN 2017 sneakers retails at full-price for around $100. The Nike Free RN Distance sneakers retail at full-price for around $120. If you’re only using these shoes when you hit the gym or the trail, dropping over $100 on them can be a challenge. You might consider shopping for a different brand or just not buy them at all—but we’re here to offer you an alternate solution.

How to Get Nike Free RN 2017 Sneakers For Less

When it comes down to price, you may be tempted to shop for a less expensive brand—but don’t sacrifice the quality of your running shoes to save a few bucks. Listen to our advice and you can find Nike Free RN 2017 sneakers for much less than $100. Here’s how.

Shop around for Your Nike Free RN 2017…and also search with Purcado.

You may have one go-to retailer or running shop that you love—but they might not always have your best interest, in terms of price, in mind. Shop around at different retailers and compare prices at each before deciding where to purchase. Too time-consuming? We have a solution for that, too.

While comparison shopping isn’t a new idea, Purcado is the new way to shop. When you search for Nike Free RN sneakers on Purcado from your desktop or mobile device, you’ll discover the lowest price instantly. Our price comparison technology automatically searches and categories data from 65+ retailers to deliver you a list of the best, up-to-date prices on Nike Free RN sneakers. From the list, you can choose the retailer with the lowest price, with your size and preferred color in stock. Simply click “get it now” and you’ll be directed to the retailer’s site to purchase. Don’t worry—we won’t make you remember another login or enter your credit card information on our site. All of your payment transactions will occur on a retail platform you already know and trust.

At Purcado, we believe that you should never pay full price for the shoes on your feet. Sneakers go on sale every single day—you just have to know when and where to buy. We’re here to help you with the when and the where. Know when to purchase Nike Free RN sneakers by following our blog, checking out our Deals page or joining our Facebook group, Purcado Perks—we update these platforms with deep discounts daily. Know where to purchase by using the search bar on our homepage. Here you can search for Nike Free RN sneakers (or any other shoe!) and instantly receive a list of retailers with the best price today.

Deal Alert: Nike Free RN 2017 Sneakers For Men & Women

Where can you find the best deal on Nike Free RN 2017 sneakers right now? We ran a Purcado search and found discounts up to $40 off the original retail price. Here are a few of our favorite finds for men and women.

Search Purcado + Save Up To 70% Off Nike Free RN Sneakers

Want to get a new pair of Nike Free RN sneakers for less? Compare prices across 100+ retailers with Purcado! Simply navigate to Purcado’s homepage, search for Nike Free RN 2017, and click the listing. Filter by size, color, and gender—you’ll see dozens of prices (but, don’t worry—we highlight the lowest price!).

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