Forget Buying a Cheap Knock Off—Here’s How To Get Designer For Less

Forget Buying a Cheap Knock Off—Here’s How To Get Designer For Less

As you wistfully swipe through your favorite blogger accounts on Instagram, do you find yourself green with envy? Her Gucci belt? Those Kate Spade slides? That Prada bag? You need it all—but, when it comes to fashion, having a taste for the finer things can quickly get expensive. You’d prefer to live a fashion girl lifestyle—one filled with handbags and trendy shoes and glitter and glam. Unfortunately, you’re on an Old Navy budget and designer is not in your price range.

Or is it?

Designer fashion doesn’t come cheap, especially when looking at big-ticket items such as shoes and handbags—but that doesn’t mean you’re banned from having any designer brands in your closet.

Follow our four-step guide and you can nab some of the best brand names in fashion, plus quality, designer styles for way less than retail price. The trick to owning high fashion is to avoid paying premium prices. All you have to do is know how to stretch your dollar without sacrificing your designer taste—here’s how.

Shop the off season.

It’s hard to shop for sweaters in July; and when you’re singing Christmas carols you don’t want to think about swimsuit season. But if you’re looking to save money on designer styles, you’re going to want to shop out of season. Past season styles go on sale in the off season from almost any designer brand. If you’re doing this, just make sure to stick to classic styles—you don’t want to invest in last season’s trendy espadrilles only to find them booted out next spring.

Buy second hand.

By shopping second hand—in person or online—you can find designer staples up to 90% off. Check out local consignment shops or resale stores instead of thrift shops to find the best deals on designer pieces—as most of these high-end items will be sold, not donated. Just want to shop online? Check out apps like Poshmark to search for gently used designer items for less.

Peruse discount sites.

Scouring the clearance racks in-store is like second nature to you—but don’t forget that bargain shopping exists online, too. Some of your favorite bargain stores—like T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and Neiman Marcus Last Call—have online e-commerce sites as well as brick and mortar stores. You can’t beat closeout prices paired with the comfort and efficiency of online shopping.

Compare prices.

Thinking about paying full price for a pair of designer shoes? Don’t. Before you buy designer shoes, always compare prices among retailers. Instead of hopping from site to site, use Purcado’s state-of-the-art price comparison tool. Search once and save hundreds on shoes from over 65 retailers.

How does Purcado work? You search the brand, name or style of shoe and we do the rest. Our search engine immediately pulls data from 65+ retailers across the web and presents you, the customer, with a detailed list of prices. You can easily compare prices for the same shoe against prices from other retailers with your color, style and size in stock—so you can make quick, informed decisions faster.

Purcado Picks—Designer & Brand Name Shoes Under $100

At Purcado, we like to think of ourselves as your personal online shopper. Our search engine helps you find shoe deals faster; and our content team has made it our mission to take the stress out of online shopping by providing you with up-to-date sales on our blog. Here are a few designer styles we’ve found for you—all under $100!

Want to start building your collection of designer shoes for less? Start searching with Purcado today!

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