Month: August 2017

We’ve Found Clarks Desert Boots For Men Starting At $59

Are you a fashion-forward kind of guy? Want to put together an outfit that’ll turn heads? It’s all in the shoes. Not sure what to buy? Desert boots for men are the way to go. Trust us, they’re the answer that’s guaranteed to score you a date with that special someone. Our best advice? Avoid […]

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4 Ways to Donate to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

It’s been more than four days since Hurricane Harvey touched down in Houston, and there still does not seem to be an end in sight. Thousands of people who call the Gulf Coast home have been displaced. Restoration of the affected areas could take years; and, at this time, every effort to help them rebuild is welcomed. Read more

Taylor Swift is Back—and She’s Edgier Than Ever

Love her or loathe her, Taylor is back. Three years since the release of 1989, Swifties were beyond ready for new music—but, what we got was unexpected.  Read more

5 Shoes from the 90’s You Were Obsessed With—And What They Look Like Now

The nineties was a magical decade filled with boy bands, kooky fashion trends and a deluge of changes to the world as we knew it—think Internet so slow that you could make a sandwich while you waited for the dial-up connection to load. Read more

Mom Alert: 4 Deals on Kid’s Shoes to Shop This Weekend

Looking for sweet back-to-school deals? Just need a reason to shop for your kids? You’ve come to the right place. Mom, you’re busy. Between work and school and carpooling and soccer, your head is spinning. So, we’re making the (sometimes daunting) task of shoe shopping simple. We’ve rounded up a few of the best deals […]

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Back to Basics: 8 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Trends move quickly. In the age of the Internet, we say hello and goodbye to our fair share of crazes at an alarming rate—think chokers, off-the-shoulder tops and Pokemon Go. Staying in style has become a challenge. As soon as you find the perfect crop top to match your high-waisted shorts, you blink and it’s […]

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Women’s Fashion: “Boots with the Fur” & Other Fall Styles for 2017

Smell that? Pumpkin spice is in the air and crisp nights are headed our way. It’s almost time to put away the summer sandals—fall is coming! And, what’s not to love about this beautiful season? From Halloween to football Fridays to warm cider—oh, and cute boots—there’s so much to adore. At Purcado, we love fall […]

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Love Nike? Here’s How to Get Their Best-Selling Men’s Sneakers at a Discount

I love Nike; you love Nike. We all love Nike. It’s a way of life, which is why the brand dominates much of the athletic wear and footwear market. But, as much as you love their sleek sneakers and well-fitted leggings, you don’t love the price you have to pay for quality. What if we […]

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Trend Alert: 3 Unique Athleisure Brands To Shop

Consider yourself trendy? Bring on the leggings, oversized cardigans, and slip-on sneakers. The latest crop of activewear and sneaker brands are working hard to blur the lines between the locker room and your everyday wardrobe for men and women. And, what do you get when comfort and sport collide with fashion? Athleisure. A key component of […]

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Men’s Sneakers: 5 Sales to Shop This Weekend

Need a new pair of sneakers, running shoes or trainers? Don’t make the mistake of paying full price—the web is full of great deals on the best brands. To help you get your sneaker fix, we’ve tracked down a few of the best sales happening this weekend.

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