Month: July 2017

Amazon Just Launched Its Own Line Of Women’s Shoes: Here Are 7 Items We Love

In case you didn’t know, Amazon just released its new, private-label line of accessories, handbags and shoes—exclusively for Prime members. The Fix is about to be the go-to for anyone seeking quality, fast-fashion—seriously, what more could you want than cute shoes and free two-day shipping? “We wanted to deliver on an amazing, accessible price point […]

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Search Once and Save: How Purcado Is Changing the Online Shopping Game

Since its inception in 1994, online shopping has repetitively rocked the world of consumers everywhere. It has banished the physical need to ‘go shopping’. And, as technology has progressed, it’s created new, innovative benefits for every type of shopper. Today, we look at shopping in a new light. We now add our shopping lists to […]

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Wedding Guest Attire: What To Wear To A Summer Ceremony

Wondering what to wear to a wedding? We’ve tracked down the ideal wedding guest attire, based on your invitation. Wedding season is here, friends—and you’ll need the perfect summer outfits to carry you through all of the season’s wedding festivities. It’s time to grab a date and watch your best friends get hitched—or, for our […]

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Women’s Fashion: 4 Airport Friendly Shoes To Wear This Summer

Finding airport friendly shoes can sometimes feel impossible. You’re running late for your flight, and with only a tiny window of time to make it through security, you’re tapping your toe, checking your watch, and wishing the family of eight in front of you would have coordinated a bit better. They’re all fumbling with their […]

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How To Choose Running Shoe Brands You’ll Love—For Less

Running should be a simple and inexpensive way to stay in shape. However, running shoe brands don’t always follow the same set of virtues. When you’ve shelled out a Benjamin—sometimes a few—for an in style pair of trainers, running starts to look a bit more elite. Finding comfortable and affordable running shoes isn’t an easy […]

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